Other title loan companies will advertise themselves so that their listings show up when people search title loans Titusville, even though the companies themselves are in completely different areas. But that’s misleading and a major inconvenience for title loan borrowers who may need money in short order. The Malmesbury Title Cashoffice is located here in Titusville, and you won’t have trouble getting here taking either the streets or the freeways.

You can mention to a representative if you’ve already done the application online to get your loan preapproval. Besides that, there will just be a few other things to do before you can get your title loan. There is a title loan contract that you’ll need to sign, as you’d probably expect. We need to look at your car to determine its condition, because that is a big factor in regards to its value. The value is how we set your max loan amount. After all that, we just need your car title before we can give you the money for your vehicle title loan.

Title loans are pretty simple, but it’s still good to have a full understanding of how they work, especially because of how much title loan regulations can vary by state. No matter where you are, a title loan uses your car as its collateral, but specific rules on title loans are set by the state where the title loan company operates.

As we issue title loans Titusville here at Malmesbury Title Cash, we go by Florida’s laws regarding this type of loan. Florida is perhaps the best state to get a title loan. Not only does it have some excellent borrower protections, but its interest rates on title loans are about as low as it gets. The max interest rate on a Florida title loan is dependent on the loan amount. Here are the maximums for all possible title loan amounts:

  • If a title loan is under $2,000, then the max annual percentage rate (APR) allowed in Florida is 30 percent
  • If a title loan is $2,000 to $3,000, then the max APR allowed in Florida is 24 percent
  • If a title loan is over $3,000, then the max APR allowed in Florida is 18 percent

The length of your title loan’s term is going to depend on your lender, because that’s one area where Florida doesn’t set any restrictions. However, it will probably be 30 days, as that’s the most common term length.

Although you’re supposed to pay the entire loan off by the time the term ends, extending it is also an option. To do this, you need to pay the loan’s interest. You don’t need to pay the loan principal when you extend a loan, because you’re extending that principal into a new term that will have another interest charge.

Florida has some helpful borrower protections in the event of a default, which is when you don’t pay on a title loan. The lender can’t repossess your car immediately, instead needing to give you 30 days to catch up on the payment. Before the lender can send someone to repo your car, they must give you written notice. And before a lender can sell a repossessed car, they must give you written notice with the sale info and how much you owe on the loan. You can pay that amount to get your car back or buy it back at the sale.

If you’re going through some financial troubles, you’re certainly not the first person to be in that situation, because it’s one of the most common issues people have. The biggest problem is undoubtedly when you need to get something paid off, but you don’t have any money saved up. Even if you have the credit to obtain a loan, these can take days or weeks to process. Fortunately, Malmesbury Title Cash can help. We provide title loans Titusville, and with a title loan, the application process can take less than an hour. If you’re worried about your credit score getting in the way, you don’t need to be, because all you need to get a title loan is a car that you own to use as the collateral.

Want to know how you can apply for a title loan? We’ll cover that now. Our business is unique in that we provide an application for title loans Titusville online, allowing you to get the process started from the comfort of your own home. From here on the Malmesbury Title Cash site, there’s an Apply link towards the top of the page. That link goes to the application, where you’ll go through one section, and then complete a second section before submitting the form. Here is what those two sections cover:

• Section one requires you to select details regarding your car using dropdown menus. The required details are the car’s model year, make and model, trim and mileage range.

• Section two requires you to enter contact details for yourself. The required details are your full name, the best phone number for you, your email address and your ZIP code.

The details on your car are enough for us to get the application preapproved and also give you an idea of how much you could borrow with a title loan quote. With your contact info, a representative of ours will be getting in touch to explain more about your title loan.

Bank loans can be frustrating because they require so many documents just to apply, but title loans are much different. Here, you’ll only need one document, and that’s your car title. We keep that while you’re paying back your loan, and once the loan is finished, we return that title to you. You’ll also need to have your ID with you when applying to confirm that you’re at least 18 and your car, as we need to see its condition.